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The Bridge to Your Success.

What can we do for your business today? 



Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Executive Consulting and Mentoring

Having spent many years in various executive and top executive positions we understand the challenges the business owners and the management are facing. 

From small companies to multinationals. 
We know the results matter and we get the job done.  

6 to 24 Months to Improve Your Business

Popular among our clients. After having looked at your business in more detail we spend 6 to 24 months with you to improve your business.


6 months to implement quick wins.


 24 months  to strengthen your business foundations.

Long Term Cooperation

It takes time to build great companies.  

From Strategy through Operations, Sales and Marketing, Finance, People Management and Development, IT systems and other aspects of the management, we  support you in building your successful enterprise.

We Like Results


Years of Experience



$8 bil.

Largest Project/Market Cap.

$5 bil.

Value created



Our Expertise 

Building sustainable and good business is a complex issue.

Our experience with various industries and difficult situations we many times faced taught us the complex approach to solving the issues business face.

We have understood that often focusing on just one problem does not create sustainable value long term.

Hence we provide expertise in:

  • Strategy and Strategy Planning

  • Operations and Operational Planning

  • Financial Controlling

  • Personnel Management

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Customer Care

  • Production Planning

  • Information Technology

  • Organization Design

  • Corporate Governance

Blue Surface


Blue Surface
The share price increase of >135% is reality. There are only very few executives in the world who have been able to outperform the industry & regional share price indexes by >100%. That’s real business impact. Thanks again having been part of this great experience.

Heinrich Berger



Tel: +420 602 320 177

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